How to Build a Website

Websites are crucial to any online business. Just like most of us have a place to call home, your business needs a home. Websites allow us a place to house all of our different ventures. Whether you are an affiliate marketer, blogger, vlogger, have an ecommerce site; as you know the options are virtually endless.

First things first though, you need a domain. Why? Domains allow us to be discovered and remembered more easily. The simpler the domain, the better.¬†We get our domains from BlueHost. Why? Because BlueHost flows right into WordPress. But…WAIT…What’s WordPress?

WordPress is the software we use to actually create our websites. And with the Elementor plug in, it’s as easy as drag and drop!

For Affiliate Marketers, it’s important to have a website because many of the companies that offer affiliate programs require their partners to have them. It shows companies that you’re serious about your online business and you’re not simply going to “spam your link” all over the internet! (A terrible business plan BTW!)

Once you’ve got your domain and you’re ready to start building, there are a few things you need to keep in mind. First, don’t get too bogged down with the look of the website. Yes, it’s nice to have the fancy fonts, pictures, or colors, but when you’re first getting started, those things truly don’t matter to your audience. They want SIMPLE! They want to be able to see exactly what you’re doing, where you’re doing it on the site.

You’ll also want to keep your website pages limited. While it’s tempting to put every single offer we have on one site, the reality is you may need different websites if you plan to work in multiple niches. And that’s totally fine! BUT, if you’re just starting out, do yourself a huge favor and stick to one niche and one website. Trust us! You’ll be pulling your hair out trying to keep everything straight if you don’t.

Lastly, remember how we said to keep your pages simple? The same goes for what’s in your pages. For example, you might want to tell people about the amazing camera you use to shoot your photos. Instead of giving every single detail about the camera, think of describing it in a way that solves peoples’ problems. What are 3 or 4 pain-points that amateur photographers deal with? List the benefits of the camera in a way that solves those.

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